Book Blurb Wishlist

Do you ever just look at stuff that you wrote years ago and think, “Wow, what on earth was I talking about?”

I have that experience pretty often. I’ve had this blog for almost five years, you know. But this post isn’t about how cringeworthy I might have been when I first started this blog – in fact, it’s actually about one of my favorite posts I wrote in the early days of Maggie’s Musings.

Even as a high school student, I had a bone to pick with story tropes. Not much has changed in that regard, at least. I wrote a post about my “Book Blurb Blacklist,” 15 things that would immediately turn me off from reading a book. It was a delightfully snarky post, and looking back now, I still agree with pretty much all of it.

However, there’s a question that has gone unanswered for far too long: What are the things – tropes, phrases, whatever – that make me actually want to read a book?

I aim to answer that today.

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Recipe for a Happy Bookworm – A Poem

As I mentioned a while back, I took a creative writing class at my school in January! Since things are finally wrapped up with that, I thought I’d share one of the pieces I wrote for that class, a poem called “Recipe for a Happy Bookworm.”

This poem came out of an idea I had on the first day of class about formatting a poem like a recipe. It didn’t necessarily turn out as formatted as I thought it might, but the idea stuck and I decided to write about the things that make bookworms happy. At first, it was a free verse poem, but since I apparently didn’t find poetry hard enough already (that was sarcasm), I decided to write it in meter (iambic trimeter, to be exact). It was a challenge, but eventually I managed to fit it in meter aside from a few anomalies.


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