Writer’s Life: Senior Seminar Ideas & Inspiration

It was a dark and stormy night. A young woman sat at her desk, a blanket wrapped around her shoulders. The light from her laptop reflected off of her glasses as she frantically typed away at her keyboard, desperate to meet her word goal. Her workshop is counting on her, she reminded herself. And so is her grade point average.

If that’s not a glimpse of my past, then it’s definitely a prophecy about my future.

This semester, I’m taking a “senior writing seminar” course and our big assignment is to plan and complete some type of writing project. For me, I’m plotting out and writing 50,000 words of a novel. In addition to fiction, I know there are also students writing literary non-fiction and graphic novels.

So yeah. Lots of pretty neat stuff is happening in Writing Seminar.

I’m sure you’re thinking by now, “Maggie, what is YOUR project about? We’re all dying to know!” Or maybe you’re not thinking that, which I understand. But if you actually are dying to know about my project, keep reading!

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That College Life

Well, so far at least.

Before I even say anything about this, I think it’s appropriate to share this song. Don’t worry, my take on college is not like this in the slightest, but it’s such a wonderfully humorous work of art that I can’t help laugh at it.

Anyway, as most of you probably know by now, I’m a college kid! I’m currently attending Messiah College as an English major and so far, so good! Since there’s a lot to talk about with all this happening, I wanted to just write it all up in one big post as sort of an update of what’s going on right now.

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