Video Games That Made Me Fall In Love With Gaming

We often remember how we first discovered the things we’re passionate about. It might be the book that got you to enjoy reading, the first camera you ever owned, or the movie that made you realize you wanted to be a film director. Though I remember may of those things, the ones that really stick out in my mind are the video games.

Not long ago, I realized my blog had been lacking in one of my favorite subjects – gaming. Sure, I talk about it here and there, but I’ve never really focused on it for a whole blog post (except perhaps Writing Lessons from Ace Attorney, but even that was more writing-focused than gaming-focused).

Growing up, gaming was never really a big deal in my family. I played a version of Pac-Man that plugged into the TV and enjoyed my fair share of computer games, but that was about it. Without these three games, I probably wouldn’t be the gamer I am today. Sure, I’d probably enjoy a few rounds of MarioKart or play the occasional game of bowling on Wii Sports, but nothing too intense. These games really changed my life for the better, and ever since I played them for the first time, they’ve opened the door to more geekery and gaming.

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Week In Review – June 2

Welcome to Friday!

I hope all of you had a great week, and especially for my U.S. followers, I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend and were able to spend some time with your families. I went to a picnic with some relatives in Maryland, which was fun! It was good to be able to see everyone, especially those I hadn’t seen in a while.

Before I get to the week in review, in case you missed it, this week I shared some of my baking adventures, where I made raspberry lemonade cupcakes, just in time for summer! I also participated in the Daily Quote Challenge and broke all of the rules. Whoops. But I had fun with it and I enjoyed finding quotes to share with you all.

Also, this week in Musings History, I shared my first “Writing Lessons From…” post about the novel Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson. I’m still proud of the way this one turned out, and I hope I can write more for this series in the future!

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Week In Review – May 26

Welcome to Friday, everyone! Can you believe May is already almost over? it seems crazy to me.

This week, I shared 7 Lessons I Learned from a Local Author Fair after I went to one this past Saturday. I had a great time and learned a lot, so if you’re interested in learning a few writing lessons, stop on over there!

I’ve also decided to start doing something like “This Day in Musings History,” Where I’ll share a blog post I wrote roughly a year ago. About a year ago today, I shared my Arizona Adventures with all of you! It’s amazing to me how that was a whole year ago – it feels like just yesterday!

As for the rest of the week…

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Week In Review – May 19

Welcome to Friday!

I can’t believe another week has passed already – it feels like just the other day I was writing last week’s WIR! The summer sure is going by fast.

This week, I shared my Freshman Year soundtrack, a list of songs that both defined this past school year and also encouraged me. I also participated in the Beautiful People linkup on Wednesday, so be sure to check that out if you’d like some backstory on one of my characters.

As for the rest of the week, it wasn’t so bad! I spent a lot of time playing video games and working on a new journal (more on that soon), but I also got to spend some time with my family. Oh, and for those who are wondering about the things I mentioned last week – yes, I did get my haircut on Tuesday (thank goodness), and my job interview went well on Wednesday! I’ll try to keep you posted about that as the weeks go on.

In terms of everything else I’ve been up to…

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Why I’m Okay With Good vs. Evil Stories

A Good vs. Evil story is usually pretty straightforward. You have the Good Guys on one side, and the Bad Guys on the other side, and you’re almost always cheering for the Good Guys to win. It’s the type of story you see in children’s fairy tales, but that doesn’t make it childish.

Lately, I’ve noticed people tend to steer clear of these types of stories. The argument is that “Good vs. Evil” is too unrealistic – people and societies really aren’t that clear-cut when it comes to morality. In reality, there’s a lot more ambiguity. That’s how we end up with writing advice about giving our villains redeemable qualities and giving our heroes flaws.

And don’t get me wrong, that’s good advice – you do want to have fully developed characters on both sides of the equation, or it isn’t a very fair story. But in the process of giving this advice, we shun the typical good vs. evil stories, calling them cliche, predictable, overdone, and so on and so forth.

But here’s a secret: I’m actually okay with these kinds of stories.

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Week In Review: Dec 9

It’s been a week.

Before I get started with what else is going on, I wanted to catch you up on the one major thing right now, since it kinda affects the goings-ons of the blog.

My laptop died last Friday night. I don’t know how it happened, but I haven’t been able to get it turned back on since then. Right now, the theory is that it’s a motherboard issue and that the motherboard will need to be replaced. It’s only a few months old, so I’ll be getting it fixed one way or another when I go home for winter break, but until then, I don’t have a laptop.

Good news is that my hard drive is intact and the student computer services office on campus was able to make a backup of all my files. I can’t access them (I did get a copy of my documents, but that’s it), but it’s good to know that they’re safe. (Also, that explains why there aren’t any fancy title images – I couldn’t make one).

For the past week(ish), I’ve been relying on the public desktop computers at the campus library and the laptops of my gracious friends, but as you can imagine, that still limits me as I don’t have immediate access to a computer. I have to make sure I use my computer time wisely so you might not see much of me on here as you’re used to. I’ll still try to do the Week in Review posts, but my normal Monday posts and any special posts (e.g. Beautiful People) may not be up until I get my computer fixed.

I’ll admit that it’s pretty stressful that this has happened right around finals week (and my blogiversary!), but hopefully my computer will be repaired soon. In the meantime, thanks for sticking with me and understanding if I don’t get to post as much.

Now with that out of the way, on to the rest of my week!

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Best of September

Today is the first day of October and you know what that means? HALLOWEEN IS COMING.

Well, there’s that and also another edition of “Best Of” (which I’m starting to think is poorly named, but I’ll worry about that another day). Since I’ve been giving you a lot of updates throughout the month about life and college and stuff, I won’t have as much to talk about there, but there are a lot of other things to talk about! So without further ado…

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