Why I’m Not Blogging About My Goals This Year

Almost since the time I first started blogging, I’ve made a habit of kicking off each new year with a post about goals. I would look at how I did in meeting or making progress towards my goals for the previous year, and then I would look ahead and set some goals for the new year.

I’m not doing that this year.

You see, the past year (and the last few months in particular) have given me a lot of time to think about goals. And I think I’ve come to the conclusion that not just setting them, but also sharing them and assessing myself publicly is a recipe for disaster for me.

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2019: Year In Review

It’s the end of another year, and also the end of another decade. If you’re worried that I’m going to make you endure a ten-year retrospective like every other content creator on the internet seems to be doing, let me put your fears to rest: I’m not. I can barely remember what I did ten days ago, let alone ten years ago. And while you might be entertained by a cringeworthy look back at my pre-teen years, that’s a trip down memory lane I’m gonna pass on.

As is tradition though, I am going to wrap up 2019 with a look back at my favorites from the year. I promise you I’ll keep it concise, so without further ado, on to the lists!

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20 Things I’ve Learned in 20 Years

Just recently, I completed my 20th revolution around the sun, which is a pretty impressive feat. To be honest, I don’t feel that much different than when I was 19, but if having a birthday means I can have cake and ice cream, then you better believe I’m gonna celebrate it.

In celebration of my 20th birthday, I’ve decided to keep with my trend of making lists (18 Facts About Me and 19 Things I Want to Do) and share 20 things I’ve learned over the course of my life. Some of them will be ridiculous, others serious, but either way, these are the things I’ve taken to heart over the years.

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Summer Job Summary

Guess who’s back?

Yes, last Tuesday I returned home after spending five weeks serving on Christian Endeavor’s summer staff, and now that I’m finally rested up (well, mostly), it’s time to get back into the blogging routine. What better way to do that than by giving you a summary* of what I’ve been up to for the past month?

For those who may have missed my Blogkeeping announcement at the end of June and are totally confused by everything I just said, here’s a quick rundown:  This summer, I got a job with an organization called Christian Endeavor, which, among other things, hosts four weeks of summer missions trips called “Mission Weeks.” As part of their summer staff, I traveled with the team to our sites in West Virginia and North Carolina and ran the “Camp Office,” among other responsibilities I picked up as needed.

So, now that you’re all caught up, here’s what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks!

*see what I did there? Sorry, I can’t resist a good pun

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My First Semester of College (As Told Through GIFs)

I pronounce it with a hard “g,” by the way. Not trying to start a fight here, but it’s very helpful if you need to distinguish between moving images and a brand of peanut butter.

As you probably know, I just wrapped up my first semester at Messiah College a few weeks back, and what better way to tell you about it than with a bunch of GIFs! I also wanted to give myself a bit of a break from writing such long blog posts, since, spoilers, I’ve got a big one planned for Friday.

Not much else of an explanation is needed, so on to the GIFs!

(none of the gifs are mine unless otherwise noted. I’ve just been collecting them for a while)

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Week In Review: Nov 11

Welcome to another Friday morning, readers! First of all, I want to thank all of you for your encouragement after last Friday’s WIR post – it means the world to me, and I really appreciate it. And for those who were wondering, the life-size clue at the library went great last week! There were 18 teams total, and our team was one of 8 that solved the mystery. We didn’t win any of the prizes, but we had a great time anyway!

Like last week, this week had its ups and downs too, but in light of some negativity I’ve seen going around, I want to keep this week’s wrap-up on the encouraging side. Without further ado, my week in review!

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5 Ways I De-Stress

College is stressful. Well, to be fair, life can be stressful no matter what stage you’re in, though the stressors are often different.

But college gets stressful from time to time, and if you read my Weekly Wrap-Up on Friday, you’ll know last week was kinda rough. Fortunately, I didn’t have too much homework, so I was able to take some time and relax over the weekend. As I was trying to figure out what to blog about today, I thought it’d be nice to share some of the ways that I de-stress when life gets overwhelming.

A lot of my stress often comes from things being out of control or out of order, so you’ll see that some of my de-stressing techniques involve me putting things back into place or solving a problem. Of course, this may be different for you, so be sure to tell me about how you de-stress in the comments afterwards!

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Best of September

Today is the first day of October and you know what that means? HALLOWEEN IS COMING.

Well, there’s that and also another edition of “Best Of” (which I’m starting to think is poorly named, but I’ll worry about that another day). Since I’ve been giving you a lot of updates throughout the month about life and college and stuff, I won’t have as much to talk about there, but there are a lot of other things to talk about! So without further ado…

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What I’ve Been Up To

I admit it – originally, I was going to blog about something else this week. But when Thursday night came around and I realized my original idea was taking me nowhere, I decided to switch gears.

These last few weeks, I’ve had a lot of stuff going on and a lot of things on my mind, and since this is my blog and all, I guess I want to use it as a way to get those thoughts out there. I’m sure that this post will probably be a mess in terms of organization, but I hope that its content will make up for the lack of neatness.

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