Two stacks of several hardcover books with various titled against a book page background

The 2021 Maggie’s Musings Choice Awards

In response to a, uh, certain annual book awards that’s just a glorified popularity contest, I’ve decided to approach my end-of-year reading wrap up a little differently than usual. So, welcome to the inaugural Maggie’s Musings Choice Awards! This is the best of the best books that I read over the past year. Each award winner has its own incredibly specific category, because we don’t do things by halves around here.

Without further ado: The 2021 Maggie’s Musings Choice Awards!

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A bookshelf filled with many older-looking books. Some of them may even be considered vintage.

Childhood Books

Everyone has at least one of those books – the ones that you read as a child but still stick with you as an adult.  Perhaps they hold a special meaning to you, or they bring back fond memories. Either way, when you see it sitting on the shelf, collecting dust, there’s an insatiable urge to pick it up and read it again.

For whatever reason this week, I was thinking about those books. I know, I know, I’m still not technically an adult, but I feel pretty safe in saying that I’m reading much different books now than I did when I was in elementary school. Even so, there are some books that still bring a smile to my face, even if I’m much older than the target demographic.

So this week, I’ve compiled a short list of books I read as a kid, and why they still stick with me today. Most of these fall into one of two categories: mystery or historical fiction. I ventured into other genres from time to time, but those are the ones I stuck to the most. Now without further ado, here are five books (or book series) from my childhood that still stick with me today!

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