Author interview with Sarah Henry: intricacies are just cracks in the wall

Author Interview with Sarah Henry: “intricacies are just cracks in the wall”

black and white photograph of a young woman with short hair and a feather pen tattoo on her collarbone. Sarah Henry.
Sarah Henry, author of intricacies are just cracks in the wall. She is also a photographer and videographer.

I am very excited to be sharing a project that is very close to my heart with you today. Sarah Henry, my friend and fellow English major (and now graduate), is publishing her first book, intricacies are just cracks in the wall through an IndieGoGo campaign. The novel tells the story of a young woman and her recovery from an abusive relationship through poetry. It explores experiences of mental health disorders, relational abuse, and the pains of self discovery.

I had the privilege of being a part of this project near the beginning as a member of Sarah’s writing workshop. It’s great to see all of her hard work finally coming to fruition through the published novel and the short film she created based on it!

As part of the launch of intricacies, I interviewed Sarah to talk to her a little bit about her writing process and the creation of both the book and the film. So what are you waiting for? Read on to hear more about intricacies are just cracks in the wall!

UPDATE 7/24/19: Sarah’s IndieGoGo campaign may be over, but you can still by intricacies are just cracks in the wall on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

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Recipe for a Happy Bookworm – A Poem

As I mentioned a while back, I took a creative writing class at my school in January! Since things are finally wrapped up with that, I thought I’d share one of the pieces I wrote for that class, a poem called “Recipe for a Happy Bookworm.”

This poem came out of an idea I had on the first day of class about formatting a poem like a recipe. It didn’t necessarily turn out as formatted as I thought it might, but the idea stuck and I decided to write about the things that make bookworms happy. At first, it was a free verse poem, but since I apparently didn’t find poetry hard enough already (that was sarcasm), I decided to write it in meter (iambic trimeter, to be exact). It was a challenge, but eventually I managed to fit it in meter aside from a few anomalies.


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