Week In Review – March 16

Happy Friday, everyone!

I hope you’re having a good week, whether there’s snow on the ground (like where I am) or it’s sunny and warm. Despite the weather, I’ve been enjoying my spring break at home – it’s given me a lot of time to work on things I’ve had to put aside lately, and I’ve gotten caught up on some work as well. It’s been a good week!

This week, I wrote about the ABCs of Pokémon, similar to what I’ve done with Writing and The Legend of Zelda in the past. If you’ve ever wanted to be a Pokémon Master, this should get you started.

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Week In Review – March 10

Welcome to Friday!

In case you missed it, I blogged about a Beginner’s Guide to Christian Rock on Monday, and I also participated in the Freestyle Writing Challenge on Wednesday, so check it out if you have time!

Also, I’m still collecting responses for my Introverts and Extroverts survey. If you want to find out more, check out this post!

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