What I Learned This Summer

Summertime is special. Even if you’re working, there’s just something about the summer that feels like a break from the norm. Maybe it’s the warmer weather or the longer days. Whatever it is, it makes the summer seasons a refreshing time of year.

As many of you may know, I was offered a job at my campus this summer, and so instead of going home, I stayed on campus for the past three months. It was a new experience for me – even though I’d been away from home for over a month in the summer of 2017, it was much different to live on campus for the entire summer.

Between officially working full-time, living without a roommate, and buying actual groceries for the first time, I learned a lot these past few months. Since I shared a little bit about my summer experience last year, I thought it would be good to do it again as I close out this season and prepare for the new school year.

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The Ultimate Summer Setlist

Summer. A time of freedom, excitement, and adventures. No one’s telling you what to do – your time is your own. You can do anything you want!

…Well, unless you’re like me and you’re working a full-time job. In that case, you still have some responsibilities.

Even if you’re working a 9-to-5 though, there’s still something to be said about the free feeling of summer. Things are a little more laid back, maybe you take a vacation or pick up a new hobby. Summer is a time for adventures and doing things you wouldn’t normally be able to.

Of course, every summer adventure needs an awesome soundtrack. Whether you’re taking a trip to the beach or playing basketball with your friends, you’ll want some background music, something that just screams “Summer.” Well my friend, you’re in luck today, because I’ve compiled a Summer Setlist, just for you!

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Summer Job Summary

Guess who’s back?

Yes, last Tuesday I returned home after spending five weeks serving on Christian Endeavor’s summer staff, and now that I’m finally rested up (well, mostly), it’s time to get back into the blogging routine. What better way to do that than by giving you a summary* of what I’ve been up to for the past month?

For those who may have missed my Blogkeeping announcement at the end of June and are totally confused by everything I just said, here’s a quick rundown:  This summer, I got a job with an organization called Christian Endeavor, which, among other things, hosts four weeks of summer missions trips called “Mission Weeks.” As part of their summer staff, I traveled with the team to our sites in West Virginia and North Carolina and ran the “Camp Office,” among other responsibilities I picked up as needed.

So, now that you’re all caught up, here’s what I’ve been doing for the past few weeks!

*see what I did there? Sorry, I can’t resist a good pun

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