Monday Morning

Hi there, wonderful readers. I wasn’t really feeling up to blogging this weekend, so I don’t have anything ready for today. One of these days, I’ll write up a backup post for days like this, but today, I just wanted to say I won’t be having my regular Monday blog post.

I thought about cranking out something within the next few hours, but I have an essay to revise before a class tomorrow morning – It’s at 900 words, and the limit is 750 – and to be honest, I feel like I’m cheating myself and you out of a good blog post when I rush through them. Plus, I’m tired. Not like, gotta-take-a-nap tired (though that would be nice) but just feeling drained today.

Good news is, I’ve been working on my contribution for the Beautiful People linkup this month, and that’s set to go out on Wednesday (once I get this last question answered…) And of course, I’ll have my usual WIR post on Friday.

Thanks for sticking around as always! I hope you have an awesome week and enjoy your Valentine’s Day (regardless of whether you have a significant other – I wrote a post about this a year ago, if you’re interested).

Finally, I’ll leave you with this song. I told you I bought Matty Mullins’ solo album a few weeks ago, and this song has become a favorite of mine. The lyrics have been very uplifting lately.

Valentine’s Day

Well, it’s the first time I’ve missed one of my blog posts. I’m so sorry, everyone! Last week was crazy, and sadly, blogging wasn’t at the top of the to-do list. But to make up for it, I’ve got a quick Valentine’s Day themed post for you today.

When you mention Valentine’s Day, you are usually met with one of two reactions: a look of pure disgust and a bitter grimace, or a bright smile and a cheerful demeanor. There is no in between. (Well, actually, there is, but for the purpose of the blog post, let’s pretend there isn’t).

I tend to fall into the latter category. I mean, Valentine’s Day is such a happy holiday! It celebrates love! Isn’t that great?

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