Project Quest

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Genre: Fantasy
Length: Novel (Potentially a trilogy)
Current Stage: Working on Draft #3


Project Quest is a fantasy universe that I’ve been working with for several years now. The primary work is a trilogy of novels that focuses on three main characters and their “quest” to stop evil from spreading in their world.

More than that, however, my hope is that Project Quest will be a story about people. Yes, they’re trying to save the world, but more importantly, they’re learning and growing into better individuals. Ultimately, Project Quest is less about the quest itself and more about the people on it.

The three main characters are as follows:

Adrien, the crown prince of Reystrell. Born with a power that is illegal in the nation he’s destined to rule, he struggles with the idea of filling his father’s shoes one day. He wants to prove himself by becoming a battle-tested hero too, but is that really the only way to become a worthy king?

Myrina, a Lamorian soldier who finds herself wrapped up in this mess during a diplomatic expedition to Reystrell. When an attack on the Reyan palace throws her and Adrien together, she’s tasked with escorting him to safety. What should have been an short trip turns into an international search for a myth, and Myrina grapples with the role that she will play in their journey.

And finally, Silas, a bounty hunter and loner. After a routine job turns out to be a sham, he finds himself wrapped up in Adrien and Myrina’s quest for better or worse. He makes every effort to help them, but he is also forced to face the consequences of his decisions and the weight of the secrets that he keeps.

Artwork of Project Quest characters, commissioned from artist Viria. From left to right: Myrina, Adrien, and Silas.

While these are the main characters, Project Quest has also led to the creation of dozens of other characters whom I love dearly. Most of them will only play a small role in the books I’m working on now, but I hope that their stories will also get told one day too. That’s partly why I consider this project to be a “universe” rather than just a series of books – there are so many stories within it that are waiting to be told, and I can’t wait until the day I can finally share them with you!

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Project Updates

I do try to keep this updated more or less regularly with where I’m at in the project. If I haven’t added anything here in a while, check out some of my recent blog posts.

November 2017: I completed this story for NaNoWriMo in November 2017 and exceeded my goal, which I was very excited about. I recently started reworking some of the story so it flows better, so perhaps I’ll start re-writing sometime soon.

March 2019: I’m planning on rewriting the first book in this series over the course of the year, mainly focusing on April and July Camp NaNoWriMo. 50,000 words is my goal, but I’ll probably exceed that.

June 2020: I plotted out the story (again) using the Save The Cat method, and I’m currently writing a chapter-by-chapter outline in hopes of starting a draft of the novel in time for Camp NaNoWriMo in July.

July 2020: I started working on my third draft and finished the first act during Camp NaNoWriMo! Now I’m on to finish the rest of this draft.

January 2021: I’m still whittling away at my draft over time. I just reached 50k words, though plot-wise I’m less than halfway through.