Project Saga

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Genre: Short story/Realistic fiction
Length: Short story collection
Status: Working on first draft(s)


Project Saga is the product of two other (related) projects I worked on previously, Summertime and The Show Must Go On. The long story short is that after a lot of thought, I realized it made more sense to tell those stories together rather than separately.

Instead of being a “traditional” novel, Project Saga is a collection of short stories and vignettes following five main characters at different points in their lives. Their stories often overlap, though they each have their own internal issues to deal with.

The stories cover a broad range of time — scenes from childhood all the way to their twenties in some cases. Of course, a lot of time is skipped over, but I felt it was important to show moments throughout the characters’ lives inn order to better understand them.

Our cast:

Riley: A musician with a bit of a rebellious streak. Most of Riley’s story is centered on his strained relationship with his single father, though we also see him deal with other complicated relationships with friends, love interests, and other family.

Leslie: The “new kid in town” early on in the story. Leslie’s story is closely intertwined with Riley’s from the moment they meet and immediately get into a fight, but she’s also dealing with change as her family moves to a new state, her older brother leaves for college, and she soon has to make choices about her own life.

Kevin: The embodiment of how you feel when you’re finishing up school and people ask what you want to do next but you have no idea. Kevin’s story deals with the pressure (from friends, family, society) to have your life all figured out and finding your passions and dreams — even if that means disappointing some people along the way.

Chey: The extravert. A series of poor romantic decisions leads to fracturing in their friend group, but as she grows older, Chey can’t escape the consequences. Added to that is a new girl (Spencer) trying to be friends with them, and something about her just rubs Chey the wrong way. A lot of her story focuses on learning how to forgive and move on, as well as dealing with the consequences of your actions.

Spencer: After an incident during her second year of university, Spencer decides to take a break from school and pursue a career instead. Later, she meets the rest of the gang when she tries out to be the drummer for their band. Spencer’s story is particularly close to my heart, as it often deals with mental health, learning how to accept help, and finding a place where you belong.

A (silly) cover I made for Project Saga in order to inspire myself during NaNoWriMo 2020. Top to bottom, left to right: Leslie, Riley, Kevin, Spencer, Chey.

The name “Saga” essentially came from me mentally referring to this whole series of events as the “Summertime Saga,” so I just shortened it to “Saga” on a temporary basis.

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